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AC Milan Live Streams 2021

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Soccer fans living in different parts of the world can enjoy AC Milan live streams. You have mobile streaming and TV streaming to do so. AC Milan is one of the contenders for the Serie A league title this season. If you are a fan of the club, you clearly wouldn’t want to miss out on any AC Milan live match.

How can I enjoy the live fixtures of AC Milan?

If you wish to follow AC Milan live fixtures, you have two options to go with. You need to spend a reasonable sum of money to watch AC Milan fixtures live from home. The two options are mobile streaming and TV streaming.

To access TV streaming of the AC Milan you need to subscribe to TV partners of Serie A. Speaking of Serie A TV partners, there are several cable TV networks that have rights to Serie A streams. If you live in Italy, you can subscribe to Sky Sport.

But, if you live in the UK, you can subscribe to Premier Sports. Serie A is among the most followed soccer leagues in the world. And the live streaming of this top soccer club tier airs live on TV across different countries.

What are the TV channels to watch AC Milan live fixtures?

There are a number of cable TV broadcasters of Serie A. Some countries have more than just one national TV partner of the league. While some have only one. Your country only has a single TV partner of Serie A, then you just need that.

Just in, your country has two or more cable TV broadcasters of Serie A, you might have to subscribe to all. The home fans, from Italy, can put a Sky Sport subscription to work to enjoy Serie A live fixtures. The TV streams will be in HD quality.

Viewers from the United States have ESPN. ESPN is a subscription-based cable TV network. This means you first need to subscribe to ESPN to watch live AC Milan matches in the US. ESPN will cost you $4.99 per month.

Soccer fans living in the UK can subscribe to Premier Sports. Premier Sports is a popular British subscription-based pay-TV channel. This sports channel is available in Ireland too. Premier Sports also offers live streams of La Liga.

List of Serie A International TV Broadcast Partners

Here is the list of a few international TV broadcast partners of Serie A for the 2020-21 Serie A season.




SporTV/ Turner




beIN Sports




Sky Perfect TV

South Korea



beIN Sports


TV 2 Sport


Stoo 2 Sport


Premier Sports

Enjoy AC Mila live streams on mobile

Viewers from several parts of the world can access the online streams of AC Milan. Still, online streams are not available for every soccer fan out there. Viewers living in the United States can use Sling TV.

Sling TV is a popular streaming service available in the US. Sling TV offers live TV feeds from top sports channels like ESPN. American soccer fans can follow AC Milan live fixtures on mobile phones or tablets using Sling TV.

AC Milan Live Streams 2021
Enjoy AC Milan live streams on ESPN+

Meanwhile, fans living in the US can also opt for ESPN+. ESPN+ is a standalone app developed by ESPN Inc. Subscribe to ESPN+ for a reasonable fee of $5.99 per month. ESPN+ is compatible with smart TVs.

If you live outside of the United States, you will not be able to access Sling TV. But, by using a VPN service, you can access Sling TV outside of the US. So, by using a VPN service viewers living in various parts of the world can access Sling TV.Β  All the live streams of Serie A will be in HD.

Enjoy Serie A fixtures live online in the United Kingdom

Soccer fans from the UK have a single option to access live online streams of Juventus. You have the LiveScore app to enjoy Juventus live streams on smart TVs, mobile phones, or tablets. First, you have to register to LiveScore to watch Serie A online streams.

LiveSocer offers only a few selected Serie A fixtures in the UK. So, if you want to follow all live fixtures of Serie A, you will also need a TV broadcaster partner. In the UK, Premier Sports has rights to Serie A live streams. Enjoy guys.

How to follow Juventus live fixtures in India?

Soccer fans from India have two options to watch Serie A. You can either choose to watch the league on TV or follow it online. If you wish to watch the league fixtures on TV screens, you have Sony Pictures Network.

Sony Pictures is a sports-oriented pay-TV network. You can watch Serie A live fixtures across different Sony network channels. Sony Ten 2 covers live streaming of most of the Serie A matches in India.

If you wish to enjoy Juventus live fixtures on mobile phones or tablets, you have the SonyLIV app. You guys can access every Serie A fixture on SonyLIV. You can buy the SonyLIV app for US$4.06 per month.